Home Sector

Handcrafted jobs, professional labors & experienced engineers to business sector & skilled workers with highly standards of work perfection & details oriented mentality for household sector.
ESAD provides highly trained house labors for home duties, we employ nannies, drivers & trained sitters for elderly, children & handicap with customized contracts needed for your family

Corporation Sector

ESAD employment Service Company is located in the eastern district of the kingdom of Saudia Arabia, with 4 major branches expanding & growing, as our service is always praised by our clients all over the Saudian kingdom.
ESAD provides all kinds of labors from several nationalities such as Asian & African counties, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria & other, to both; households & business sectors

About ESAD:

ESAD is a story of success that can never be described in words, to cut it short we decided to note briefly ESAD’s journey to become the leading company in the market of manpower & employment.

Over the last 5 years ESAD has always offered very high quality services, as ESAD is striving to rank itself as number one prominent company in the manpower field.

ESAD employment service co is a shareholding co since 2013; ESAD was one of the first companies authorized from the ministry of labor & social development
Meanwhile, ESAD has offered very special services to meet its clients’ needs & contribute to its partners success.

Whatever was the kind of service needed or the number of labor needed, ESAD is your optimum choice. We offer talented, highly trained & professional labor suitable for your needs.

To be the leading company in the manpower & employment field, we aim at supporting & increasing the development of this industry in the kingdom of Saudia Arabia.
We also seek to achieve the vision of the ministry of industry which is concerned in organizing the foreign manpower & protecting rights of both parties (customers/employment)

Thus in ESAD we work hard to build a strong & honest bond with our customers & increase awareness in this field.