About Us


To be the leading company in the manpower & employment field, we aim at increasing and supporting the development of this industry in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We also seek to achieve the vision of the ministry of industry which is concerned in organizing the foreign manpower and protecting the rights of both parties (customers/employment). In ESAD we work hard to build a strong and honest bond with our customers and increase awareness in this field.


ESAD is always seeking to discover new, simple and applicable solutions to meet our customers’ demands. Gaining our customers trust to ensure their satisfaction and ensure strong partnership over the years, as honesty and contentment have always been our main factor to leadership.


In ESAD we believe that Safety and professionalism are the most valuable factors for success. We provide high quality and good services is the key to our clients’ trust, that trust is what we seek for. Our credibility, commitment, efficiency and honesty in ESAD are the source of our real power


If you are a business owner or a household, we are honored to provide you with highly trained workers and to serve you along the hiring process. We bear all the burden related to this process, starting from suggesting elected workers that better suit your needs. We only deal with high efficient, skilled and experienced workers. We also negotiate with the foreign working agencies and settle all the recruitments arrangements, as Esad are the experts in this field. Esad is also in charge to deal with all governmental issues related to manpower and labor. As we assure our clients well qualified workers, we care about teaching labors basics of communications and first aid courses, then your workers are delivered to your place. - If you think Esad’s role ends here, you are wrong! At Esad we also manage payrolls, work injuries, public relations and we offer support system service for all business sectors.

Heading toward growth & development

ESAD has formed a strong team work that consists of a highly skilled group of workers at your service to ensure our customers satisfaction, helping ESAD’s development and branding ESAD’s name in the market. We choose our works based on two main factors: quality and safety, which have always been the basic factors for any success dealing with both manpower and clients.

Our Journey to the Top

One of the essential reasons of ESAD success internally & externally is that it is a great entity built upon basic principles
Name ...ESAD in native Arabic language means the hard work that leads to success
Lines...with its infinite lines that stand for the quality service we offer to our clients
Circles...which stands the best service offered
Logo: our logo is about two persons, one worker trying to please the other person which is the client, as our clients satisfaction is our main aim.

Esad Provided

ESAD employment Service Company is located in the eastern district of the kingdom of Saudi Arabia, with 4 major branches expanding and growing, as our service is always praised by our clients all over the Saudian kingdom. ESAD provides all kinds of labors from several nationalities (Asian, African counties, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Ghana, Nigeria, and other) to both; households and business sectors

Business Sector: Esad provides handcrafted jobs, professional labors and experienced engineers to this sector and skilled workers with highly standards of work perfection and details-oriented mentality.

Household sector: ESAD provides highly trained house labors for home duties, we employ nannies, drivers & trained sitters for elderly, children & handicap with customized contracts needed for your family. Our aim is to provide the best service needed to fulfill our customer’s satisfaction.

Esad Team

Hani Bin Hassan AlAfaleq
( Chairman of Board of Directors )
On behalf of the members of the Board of Directors and the shareholders of the Saudi Company for Labor Services (ESAD), we welcome the visitors to the site, through which we hope to have the opportunity to provide our distinguished services, which we are keen to be the highest quality in the service provided with the adherence to professional standards and government systems and diversity in products and services Provided by competitive prices and through a team of trained and committed and aware of the importance of quality and service to the high quality of our customers and the sons of our dear and all residents of this country.
Mohamad Bin Mubark Baziad
Deputy Chairman of the Board
Ibrahim Bin Abdullah AlSanea
Member of the Board of Directors
Badr Bin Abdullatif AlNaser
Member of the Board of Directors
Amr Bin Hamza Flmban
Member of the Board of Directors
Firas bin Mohammed Bukhamseen
Member of the Board of Directors
Essam bin Saleh Al-Thuker
Member of the Board of Directors
Zaid bin Abdullah Al-Yaish
Member of the Board of Directors
Abdulrahman bin Sulaiman Al-Fuhaid
Member of the Board of Directors